andre chevigny



André Chevigny, the boss featured on HGTV/CMT’s Timber Kings, had next to nothing growing up; living with his single mom in a mobile home, times were definitely tough. André used to steal fuel from the owner of a gravel business next door, just so he could get to school. But a man of honour, even in his youth, André paid the man back and made the situation right. When his older brother Bryan needed help with his log home business, a teenage André would work peeling logs after school and on weekends.

Today André is in charge of the day-to-day running of Pioneer Log Homes of B.C., a multimillion-dollar company with a global client list. He manages more than 120 employees and millions of dollars worth of log inventory on the yard. Expecting perfection, he pushes these men and women to their limits for maximum creativity and production, while holding a deep respect and appreciation for his staff who work long hours away from home and family.

While he’s exceedingly polite and never forgets anyone’s name, André has been known to butt heads with some members of his family business, and sometimes even the guys in the yard. As the one who writes the cheques, he often has to be the bearer of bad news. In the past, Bryan Sr. has promised the guys new equipment, but it’s André who has to tell them no.

Outside of Pioneer, André can be found spending time with his wife and four kids. Work or play, his commitment to family and resolve for building relationships is what André strives for daily. He is a firm believer that adversity transcends you. His honesty and integrity is apparent the first time you meet him.

The popular series is entering its fourth season.

André is an avid outdoorsman, who enjoys camping, fishing and hunting.