mickey and sebastian



Mickey Fabbiano

Mickey knows how to live life to the fullest and makes the most out of every day. Always up for an adventure, in his spare time you’ll find him riding in the mountains, and swimming in the ocean, which are both right in his backyard. It’s his thrill-seeking nature that’s allowed him to thrive in his career in the challenging world of construction and design. But his biggest passion and love is his family, so it’s no surprise that he honed his skills in the family’s construction business. Mickey has been on work sites with his dad since he could walk. By the age of 5, he was learning how to use hammers and saws and by high school, he was a full-fledged member of his dad’s construction team. He pays extra attention to the details, and has a talent for finding the right finishes and touches that make his designs stand out from all the others.

When his sister Amy married Sebastian’s brother Christian, a new bond was formed and Mickey and Sebastian not only became best friends, but business partners as well. Mickey now splits his time between their business helping couples transform fixer-uppers into the “forever home” of their dreams, while still helping his dad in the family business from time to time. People are immediately drawn to his energy, and easy going nature and he makes new friends on each new adventure. But every Sunday you’ll still find him at his Nonna’s for dinner.

Sebastian Sevallo

In 2006, Sebastian started working in carpentry and has never looked back. Over the past decade he has turned this passion into a thriving business – building, salvaging, customizing and designing homes. But things really took off for Sebastian when he joined forces with his best friend Mickey Fabbiano. These talented young entrepreneurs connected over a common dream to see couples set down roots in their dream neighbourhoods by finding fixer uppers and transforming them into first-rate “forever homes.”

In addition to his construction career, Sebastian also works full-time as a Firefighter, proving you can live a life pursing multiple passions! His days off from the station are spent on his business with Mickey, and he loves the challenge of balancing everything. Growing up in humble beginnings helped develop his ambition, drive and extraordinary work ethic. Street wise and quick - Sebastian is on a mission to succeed and make a name for himself in the home reno and design space.

Mickey & Sebastian are the featured contractors on HGTV’s Worst to First.