paul lafrance



Paul Lafrance, most commonly known as the “Deck Guy” both in the Reality TV megacosm as well as in the average North American home, is also a musician, the CEO and founder of the international design company, Paul Lafrance Design, and the father of four daughters. He plans to one day complete his self-help book for men, which is a life-long project: a study into the intricacies of the female mind. So far, he’s got the title page done.

Paul is the host of HGTV’s Home to Win, Custom Built, Decked Out, Disaster Decks, and Deck Wars as well as one of the judges on Canada’s Handyman Challenge. He also moonlights as the head designer at Paul Lafrance Design. Since 1997, he’s been designing and installing everything from ground breaking backyard retreats, unique interior transformations, and commercial outdoor spaces, to custom built homes. He is known for his infectious energy, quick wit, and unapologetic rock star style.

Although it would be an understatement to say his plate is full, Paul remains passionate about sharing his zeal for designing unique residential and corporate havens for people all over the world. His constant mission is to provide a place of rest for people caught up in the stressful breakneck speed of today’s culture.

When commonly asked how he comes up with his designs, Paul’s typical reply is, “I do my very best not to think like an adult!”